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"Derek Elston, trustee of the ITP Support Association, tells PharmaTimes about his experiences of being diagnosed and living with the rare bleeding disorder.

I was first diagnosed in 1993 with ITP after working in the Far East for 14 months. At the end I was fairly shattered both with the intensity of the work and commuting regularly. After about four weeks, I decided to visit the doctor. He took a sample of blood. This was followed by a frantic telephone call at midday. My platelet count was much lower than normal and he arranged for me to see the haematologist consultant at our local hospital. Normally the platelet count should be between 150 and 450, mine was ten!
After asking many questions and another blood sample, he concluded I had been infected with a virus and it had affected my autoimmune system. This he informed was called idiopathic (now immune) thrombocytopenic purpora or ITP for short, a non-malignant bleeding disorder."

- By Selina McKee for

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