Global ITP Awareness Week offers the perfect opportunity to highlight advancements in the understanding of ITP and celebrate the strength of the ITP patient community.

Global Awareness Week Resources:

The following resources have been created for you to help increase awareness in your local community and on social media.

  1. Social media Global Awareness Week Sign
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    Choose and print a sign from above, personalize it by adding your location (City/Country) in the purple box, take a photo with the sign, and share out on your social media pages. Be sure to include the following hashtags:
    #global4ITP   #ImprovingOutcomesForITP   #ITPaware

  2. Sport Purple for Platelets Day!
    Sport Purple for Platelets Day is our day to make a splash and there’s no limit to how YOU can paint the world purple and help bring attention to ITP! Don your purple attire, hair nails, hats, footwear. You can even dress your pets in purple and/or deck your halls with purple lights too!

    Sport Purple for Platelets Day is the perfect day to inform others about ITP – what it is, how it affects you, and how they can help you raise awareness. Ask your family, friends, colleagues, and classmates to join you, and consider holding an event in your office or at your school to help others better understand this rare disease.

  3. Downloadable Global ITP Awareness Week Logo

  4. Share content!
    Below you will find a selection of Global ITP Week graphics that provide important information about ITP and highlight the patient experience. We encourage you to download these and share them to your own pages!

    View the embedded image gallery online at:
    Stuck on a caption? Answer one of our prompts!
    What does ITP awareness mean to you?
    What do you want people to know about ITP?
    What do you want your hematologist to know about ITP?